Excursion Program

Excursion Program

Every year during the summer (March - May), the Excursion Program, which is a study tour to foreign countries, is organized. The Program is designed for the students to acquire networks abroad, to expose the students to different aspects of English language education, and to broaden students' experience in various English language situations in different countries

All M.A. students are expected to participate in this program while Ph.D. students may join them if interested. Although the cost of overseas excursion is included in the tuition fee, additional payment may be necessary, but will be kept to a minimum.

Academic Year 2014
TESOL 2015
Toronto, Canada
March 25-28, 2015
Academic Year 2013
TESOL 2014
Portland, Oregon, USA
March 26-29, 2014
Academic Year 2012
TESOL 2013
International Convention & English Language Expo
Dallas, Texas, USA
March 19-26, 2013
Academic Year 2011
English Language Academy
University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
May 3-11, 2012
Academic Year 2010
Spring Conference 2011
International Journal of Arts and Sciences
Gottenheim, Germany
April 6-20, 2011
Academic Year 2009
44th IATEFL Conference,
Harrogate International Centre
Harrogate, UK
April 3-16, 2010
Academic Year 2008
43rd IATEFL Conference,
Cardiff City Hall & Museum
Cardiff, UK
April 25 May 7, 2009
Academic Year 2007
42nd IATEFL Conference,
University of Exeter
Exeter, UK
April 2-14, 2008
Academic Year 2006
Educational Technology
in Tertiary Education
Durham University
Durham, UK
May 18 June 3, 2007
Academic Year 2005
E-Learning in Language Teaching
San Jose University
San Jose, California, USA
May 21 June 3, 2006
Academic Year 2004
Paradigm Shift in Language Learning
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma, USA
May 14-29, 2005
Academic Year 2003
San Jose University
San Jose, California, USA
May 7-24, 2004
Academic Year 2002
Current Trends in Applied Linguistics
Gruffiath University
Western Sydney University
Macquirie University
Sydney , Australia
May 10-24, 2003
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